Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Response to Tiger Mom

 Okay, so I seriously can't let this go.  The Tiger Mom intrigues me, what can I say!  (Yes, I am using more big words again that I have trouble spelling.)

The list of no-nos the Tiger Mom has really interests me.  Some of them, I completely understand.  Some of them make no sense at all.  Some of them are just plain un-American.  But I guess that is the point.

Tiger Mom's List of No-Nos     plus my comments
• attend a sleepover     Totally justifiable.  I think children could live their whole lives without this.  It is a  bit harsh, but really, there are a lot of crazies out there, and some of them are disgusted as perfectly normal looking parents.  No big loss here. 
• have a playdate  Sorry, I'm from the sticks I guess.  Who makes dates for their children.  Really?  Send them over to a neighbors house, have the kids come over for a while after school, but don't call it a play date. 
• be in a school play   Don't really understand this one.  Don't understand the evil behind theater arts.  It was my favorite class in school.  You don't want them to be confident, entertaining, and have to memorize long bits of literature.  : P  is all I have to say.
• complain about not being in a school play  All for it!  You shouldn't complain!
• watch TV or play computer games  And now you have brought up your child to be completely out of touch with most other Americans, but that's okay.  You can live without theses too!
• choose their own extracurricular activities   Boo!  Obvious, since they can't even be in a school play, but, of course, parents should approve all these things.
• get any grade less than an A  Yeah, well, I have to say okay to this one.  What happens if they don't?  I worry about the answer.
• not be the No. 1 student in every subject except gym and drama  Shouldn't this depend on the class and the classmates therein.  You can't expect to be best at everything, especially with competition.  What if they were twins?
• play any instrument other than the piano or violin  What exactly is wrong with other instruments.  Many of which are much harder to play.  I like a good trombone solo.
• not play the piano or violin.   Yeah, okay.  Fun times.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Spring is Coming...I Promise

           Hello, and welcome to Spring!  I promise it is coming, and I know we are all wondering when it will exactly show up.  Our school has now been out of school for 4 days in a row.  And, no, we did not receive two feet of snow, or blizzard conditions.  We simply live in an area which doesn't usually get large amounts of snow, and our whole area was quite unprepared for the whole event.  Most towns in the area own no snow plows or salt trucks.  So, here we are on day four, completely cooped up in our house, watching Netflix.  

   I am thankful that we are all safe and hope it continues this way.  Thanks to all of the workers who didn't get 4 days off, but instead worked overtime to keep our electricity, water etc...running and kept people alive and healed them in hospitals.  Thanks!!!

   Truely hoping that we can get the work we are missing made up.  We now have just 3 weeks until our big test.  So, we will double up on writing for the next few.  Great thing about having a self contained classroom is that you can be flexible with your scedule.

   I have also been working.  Well, working my Scentsy business.  I have been working the internet trying to get new Scentsy recruits.  I have such a blast selling it, I just want to have my friends and family in on it too.  Here are some pictures of the newest WOM for February.  I personally love this one.  It's called Celtic Knot.