Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bye, Bye Summer

Wow!  What a crazy summer this has been!  We have moved and are starting work in a new school on Monday.  I am going to be teaching middle school English and Spanish!  Crazy.  As for the kittens, they are all happy and healthy.  Three were given to good families and three still live with me...well, sort my neighborhood at least.  They are enjoying the freedom this small community gives them to wander about and climb trees!  (Did I mention there are trees here!)  They come to see us about chow time and one, Feebee, loves to pretend to be an inside cat.  She will quietly get on the couch or in a corner and take a nap for hours.  Curious has turned out to be a favorite of my new friend and next-door neighbor.  Hollis is so beautiful it is beyond words.  Oh, and bonus, my sister-in-law has given us another kitten.  She is a tiny marble calico who was called Pumpkin for a while, until we learned how crazy she was.  I now call her Loquita.  She is sweet, but you have to watch your toes around her, and make sure you have on sufficient clothes!

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