Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another One Gone

Well, when my fourth graders heard that I had kittens to give away, of course they all wanted one. One of the boys, though, does live in town and I knew he would take care of one. Sure enough, he and his sister showed up at my door this afternoon to pick one up. Mama said he could have one if it was a boy. So he took Benji. He was such a cutie with beautiful eyes. He promised to take care of him and I could see in his eyes it meant a lot to him. He is a sweet kid and he has really being down about us moving. I hope that the cat will always be special to him.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

They Are Up for Grabs!

Well, I 've been away for a while because the family is moving. WE have taken two loads already. Since we are moving into town, we can't take all the outside kitties, so we are trying to find good homes for them. Holstein has already been adopted by my daughter's best friend. So, if you are in the west Texas area, or central Texas, contact me. I bottle fed them so I have a special bond with them. These little guys are so sweet, I hate to take them to a shelter. Well, I will probably refuse to do that anyway. So, I have to work like crazy to get them adopted.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Kitties Are Ready to Go!!!

Anyone want a kitty? Now that we have nursed them and they are eating independently, we have made the decision to move and now have to find homes for four of these little guys. I did convince my husband to let me take two little girls with me and our big boy. He is so sweet. We are now calling him Uncle Andy. He grooms them and plays very gently with them and lets them have first crack at the food bowl. Amazing huh? I couldn't leave him behind. Well, I guess my blog will now be about our 200 mile move. Tomorrow the word is out. We will announce to the kids tomorrow, and I am not looking forward to it. I am not sure how they will react, but I am pretty sure some of the girls will cry. It will be the hardest move ever. I have had the same kids in class for three years in a row. Plus, I am quite attached to several of the older students as well. This is also the first time our daughter is old enough to miss her friends. She is taking it really well and gave her final consent to our move after touring the school. We will keep you updated on our switch to gorillaland!

We're keeping Phoebe and Littlebit.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Kamikaze Kittens

Okay, this one needs a video. I will try my best to describe this. When we go out to the shed where we have the kittens kept, they stand on one of the boxes and jump as far as they can to try and get to us. It is cute and funny and sad all at the same time. In their vigor to get fed (they are by no means starving, they are just cats!) they don't even realize that there is no way in the world they are ever going to clear the top of the board we have nailed up to keep them in. They just keep doing the same crazy jump into mid-air over and over. They fly up and then sink rapidly down to the floor. Some of them have even jumped onto my hand while I am picking another one up. This morning though, they ate more of the canned food. All but one oftheir little noses smelled of it when I checked. I still gave them the bottle, but most didn't eat as much as usual. This is a great sign. By this time next week I can probably put the bottle away again. Oh, and one of the high school kids is going to feed them for me over the weekend. He is the Science teacher's kid, so I have great faith in him. Yay! I get to go see my mom!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Still Waiting on the Kitties

Okay. I keep waiting for these guys to figure this eating thing out. You eat the food....crunch...crunch....your full. Yes, all but one are eating almost exclusively from the bottle. And the one, she won't even sniff the bottle. She goes right to the bowl of milk every time. I have even seen her eating the hard food. Anyway, I love these guys. they are so cute and mostly sweet, but the one is definately my favorite. Her name is now Phoebe. She drinks her milk and then climbs up my leg to my lap. Most of the time she will stay content and purring in my lap while I feed the other five. She's a sweetheart.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Kitties, My Mom and Jury Duty

Apparently the powers that be have conspired once again against my trip to see my mom this weekend. Got a jury duty summons in the mail Friday! For Monday, the day after Mother's Day, the day we don't have school!!!! So I am supposed to do my civic duty and spend my day off in some court waiting around. Yuck. Plus, if I do get someone to feed the kittens, I will still have to come back from my trip early. Feels like a Monday!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Six Little Bitty Kittens and One Big Baby

This is the one my daughter named Curious. He is definately the dominate male and the strongest of the bunch. He also stands out from all of his black siblings. Last night our older cat Shy Andy was the cutest though. I was sitting on our porch cleaning some of the kittens and he came and sat right next to me. Finally, he flopped down against my leg and rolled on his back. So cute to see him wanting just as much attention as the little guys are getting. I also think he might be drinking their milk while I am gone. Don't worry, though, they are still getting plenty to eat!!!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kitty Pictures Are Here!

Hey all. Found my camera. Here are pictures of our babies. They are doing well, really thriving on the bottle. Not eating so much solid food yet. We are working on that one. The grown ones like it though.

Six Kitty Update

Well, my camera is missing in action. As soon as I locate it, I will get those pics up. The kittens have moved up in the world. They now have full access to the shed in our backyard. They were getting a bit crowded and poopy inside their carrier. I guess not having a momma to clean them means they need more space. This morning, five of them drank out of the milk dish, for a few seconds at least. That's a step in the right direction. I don't think they will be ready to go on their own so I can go see my mom for Mother's Day. I don't know if I can find anyone to take care of them that weekend or not. Bummer, because we are out of school on that Monday!