Friday, January 21, 2011


Well, that last post  was very uncreative!  I apologize for that. 

Just read an article in a nearby newspaper online that says the state legislature is going to cut school budgets, again!  This will lead to loss of jobs etc...  Well, in our small school, that will not help.  We already a limited staff.  We do not have a nurse, a curriculum director, or even a full time secretary.  All of our employees either teach all day, or they do double duty.  Examples are, secretary-peims director-teacher's aide,  librarian-iss-cafeteria accountant.  Even our business manager cleans tables after breakfast, answers the phone, and takes care of sick kiddos.  So, what are we to do to cut costs.  I shutter to think what will happen.  Maybe the congress will reconsider!

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