Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Thoughts on the Tiger Mom

"Tiger Mom" has been all over the news.  I know!  People are either deeply offended by her, or completely outraged.  Maybe a few are curious.  I am one of the curious.  I have not read her book, but would like to.  The idea that we are too "nice" to our children intrigues me, because for many years, I have seen this in action.  As a teacher, I see it a lot, and I know we are not doing our children any favors by giving them everything, and telling them they are terrific at everything.  I tell my students the truth, no one is terrific at everything.  No one is perfect.  Today, we were working on some corrections and I had to spell check a few words to make sure I was right.  (I don't want to teach them the wrong spelling because of MY pride.)  Some of the kids asked why I had to check them and I told them that I have never been a strong speller, and that I know from time to time I have to check myself so I don't make a mistake.  Some mistakes you can avoid!  (Lets hope I found them all in this post.  If not, the world will still keep turning!)  We need to tell our children it is okay to make mistakes, and it is okay to ask for help and it is okay not to be the best player on the team.  But still, everyday I hear and see more examples of how our society is rewarding mediocrity . (Yes, I had to spell check that!)

Our junior high basketball team attended a tournament recently.  I am sure they played their little hearts out, but unfortunately lost all three games they played.  Guess what they came home with?  Can you guess?  I know you did.  Yes, it was a trophy.  They got a trophy for losing every game they played.  And, it didn't even say "Most Losses" or "Biggest Loser"on it.  It said "Consolation."  I am sure they were consoled in their losses by this wonderful trophy.  I just pray they didn't really put it the trophy case. Might make a good candy dish.

Don't know what I'm talking about.  See and article about Amy Chua here.


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