Friday, February 4, 2011

Spring is Coming...I Promise

           Hello, and welcome to Spring!  I promise it is coming, and I know we are all wondering when it will exactly show up.  Our school has now been out of school for 4 days in a row.  And, no, we did not receive two feet of snow, or blizzard conditions.  We simply live in an area which doesn't usually get large amounts of snow, and our whole area was quite unprepared for the whole event.  Most towns in the area own no snow plows or salt trucks.  So, here we are on day four, completely cooped up in our house, watching Netflix.  

   I am thankful that we are all safe and hope it continues this way.  Thanks to all of the workers who didn't get 4 days off, but instead worked overtime to keep our electricity, water etc...running and kept people alive and healed them in hospitals.  Thanks!!!

   Truely hoping that we can get the work we are missing made up.  We now have just 3 weeks until our big test.  So, we will double up on writing for the next few.  Great thing about having a self contained classroom is that you can be flexible with your scedule.

   I have also been working.  Well, working my Scentsy business.  I have been working the internet trying to get new Scentsy recruits.  I have such a blast selling it, I just want to have my friends and family in on it too.  Here are some pictures of the newest WOM for February.  I personally love this one.  It's called Celtic Knot.  


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